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Terra Costa was an idea that was birthed in 2012 when Mark Costa started experimenting with homebrewing. He started making batches of beer around the holidays to share with friends and family. After numerous batches Mark started to get asked what he called his beer. It was through these conversations that he knew it was time to take this new hobby to the next level.

Mark looked at the project from a different perspective and started to notice it's similarities related to that of being in a band. Costa, a local musician of over 15 years can relate homebrewing to being in a musical project and having the power to tell a story that can be shared with others. Much like the final product of a band (an album, CD, song), a batch of homebrew tells a similar story. The levels of creativity with homebrewing are trully endless. The flavors and styles of certain beer could bring you back to a specific place and time much like that of a favorite song.

As Mark continued to brew and work on his craft, he began to hit the BJCP Homebrew Competition circuit and has had great success. After capturing 20 awards across the United States within just a single year, Mark knew that brewing as a profession was what he wanted to explore. In 2019, after spending ten years in Advertising Operations, he called it quits on that chapter of his life and decided to take a full time professional brewing job with a prominent brewery in New Jersey. While cutting his teeth in the commercial brewing world, Mark continues to build the Terra Costa brand and planning it's inevitable path to becoming a hyper local nano brewery in New Jersey. 

Terra Costa has become a vehicle to share stories, to bring individuals back to a place in time, to be a topic of conversation amongst friends and family. The inspiration of Terra Costa is tied into the word family itself. The flavors and branding of Terra Costa represent tradition of Costa's family both in New Jersey, where Terra Costa is brewed and on a small island off the coast of Portugal called Sao Miguel. On that small Azorian island is a town nestled between two mountains called Faial da Terra. This small town, population of roughly 350 people is the birthplace of Mark's father and where his family vacations every year. The culture on the island is very laxed and carefree. The people there are content with eachother's company and indulge in conversations over local beer at the cafe in town. Observing the smiles and conversations in this small cafe has been a huge inspiration for the purpose behind Terra Costa's beer. Each batch is made from ingredients that draw flavors reminiscent of certain traditions and stories/experiences that have been shared amongst members of the Terra Costa family. 


Over the years it has seemed as though our generation has steered away from time honored traditions. Through Terra Costa we want to bring back the old school mentality and keep these traditions of our ancestors alive through the stories told with our beer.


These are our stories. This is Terra Costa.

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