Chop Hops IPA

CHOP HOPS - American IPA

Who doesn't love a good hoppy IPA...? Well, we love our hoppy beers and knew that we needed to create one that we could enjoy all year round. Chop Hops exceeded our expectations. This American IPA is brewed with a strategic combination of Cascade, Azacca and Centennial hops, harvested from this year's Yakima Valley crops. It's dank, citrusy rather cloudy and very refreshing. The term "Chop" is slang for an individual of Portuguese decent. It is in no way derogatory and its a very common term. Ive been called a Chop my whole life...hell the annual Portugal Day celebrations in nearby towns are coined "CHOP FEST". Chop also conveniently rhymes with "hop" so the name was just a natural fit. We'll be brewing more batches of this beer throughout the year and they are expected to go fast. If you get your hands on one be sure to add it to your collection on Untappd!

Cafe Faialense Coffee Porter

Cafe Faialense - Coffee Porter

When starting the Terra Costa brand we were inspired from the culture and atmosphere of a little cafe/bar in Faial Da Terra called Snack Bar Faialenese. The towns people would congregate each day for conversations, a shot of esspresso and a few cold beers. We honor this quaint cafe on the ocean with a coffee porter called Cafe Faialenese. The beer is built on a base of black, caramel and chocolate malts with a hint of extra bitterness from fresh Nugget Hops harvested from Yakima. We then cold brewed a fresh batch of coffee and blended it with the rich malts. Cafe Faialenese is as refreshing as an evening on the deck at Snack Bar Faialenese, breathing in the crisp clean air of the old country by the sea. Check it out on Untappd!

Anticyclone Winter Warmer

Anticyclone - Winter Warmer

Winters can get bitterly cold in the eastern part of the States and at times the season seems to go on forever. We wanted to create a beer with a story of calmer weather and something on the slightly spicier side to our taste buds. Anticylcone is a weather system with high atmospheric pressure at its center, around which air slowly circulates in a clockwise (northern hemisphere) or counterclockwise (southern hemisphere) direction. Anticyclones are associated with calm, fine weather and is the reason why temperatures in Azores struggle to dip below 50°F/10°C.  We sat and watched winter finally pass while sipping on some Anticyclones and it's English Malt backbone with hints of ginger and nutmeg. Untappd.

Boas Festas - Christmas Ale

Christmas time....ALWAYS sneaks up on us. But, with the annual rush, comes certain flavors and aromas that transport us back to previous years spent with family and friends during the holidays. In Portuguese culture Christmas is never just a one night or day event. It usually encompasses multiple nights of celebrating with various groups of relatives. With that being said, instead of calling this "Chirstmas Ale" we dubbed this brew, Boas Festas which translates to "Happy Holidays". Each year we try and tweak the recipe slightly and give it a different theme. These make for great stash beers which can be enjoyed over time.This year's Boas Festas is Belgian Strong brewed with cherries and cocoa nibs. Between our families' Portuguese and Italian cultures, the holidays tend to last a little over a month. Boas Festas is the perfect beer for this time of the year or a treat for next Christmas. If you're celebrating the holidays with your family while drinking some Boas Festas, be sure to let the us know by checking this beer in on UNTAPPD!

Boas Festas Belgian Strong
Home Grown Single Hop IPA
Devils Kettle Smokey Brown Ale

Home Grown Single Hop IPA

In 2015 we started to grow our own hops at home. We started off with rhizomes of Nugget from a farm in Yakima Valley, Washington. The plan is to do a single hop IPA with our fresh homegrown yield each year. 2017 marked the first year in which we had enough yield for a single brew. We also have Cascade hops growing on the property so we'll see how those pan out over the next few years. 

Devils Kettle - Brown Ale

Accolades: 2018 NHC Regionals (NY): Silver Certificate

Devils Kettle is another fall beer that we knew we wanted to be a part of the line up. This is a strong smokey brown ale with an ABV. of 10%. The inspiration behind this beer derives from a tradition found on Sao Miguel in a small town called Furnas. Restaurant owners prepare a dish comprising of meats, potatoes and vegetables called Cozido, in which a kettle is boiled underground using natural volcanic pools. Devils kettle pairs very well with any hearty meat dish as the hints of smoked malt hit your pallet. This beer will be available every fall and since our brewers are big New Jersey Devils fans, it is brewed on opening night of the NHL season - this is where the word "Devils" came into play while naming this beer. Campfires, hockey, geothermally heated groundwater and hearty meat dishes, shared stories of the motherland....what better things to capture in a bottle of beer....?

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