Come on You Reds - Irish Red Ale

We are big soccer (futbol) fans here at TC. The main club that we support (outside of Portugal that is) is the famous Manchester United. Come on You Reds is a sessionable malt forward Red Ale. Hints of toffee and caramel dance right off the tongue. Come On You Reds is the perfect companion for match day.

Accolades: 2018 Tippy Brew (IN): Gold , 2018 Port City Plunder (NC): Bronze, 2018 WNY Amber Waves of Grain (NY): Bronze, 2018 Ohio Brew Week (OH): Silver, 2018 Salt City Brew Club Annual Competition (NY): Honorable Mention , 2018 Stoney Creek ABC (PA): Bronze, 2018 Motown Mash (NJ): Bronze, 2019 Homebrew Alley (NYC): Bronze, Ocean State Homebrew Competition (RI) 2019: Silver

Antilia- American Amber Ale

Accolades: 2018 Manitowoc County Fair (WI): Silver , 2018 For What It's Wort (IL): Gold + 2nd Place BOS + Commercial Batch Selection w/ Keg Grove Brewing Co. (Bloomington, IL) , 2018 Ohio Brew Week (OH): Silver, 2018 MUG Competition (AZ): Gold, 2018 New England Regional Homebrew Competition (NH): Bronze, 2018 NOVA Homebrew Classic (DC): Bronze, Winterfest 2019 (Las Vegas, NV) Bronze, 1st Annual Garden State Homebrew Competition (NJ): Bronze, 12th Annual Virginia Beer Blitz (VA) Gold, NJ State Fair Homebrew Competition 2019 (NJ): Bronze

As legend has it...the tale of a bad-tempered widower King and his daughter in a Kingdom in the Western Sea. He was a King, Lord of Alchemy and sorcerer, who lived exclusively for his daughter, Antília, and who would not let the Princess speak to anyone. Apart from the King, the Princess was raised by an old nurse, after the Queen had died. As the years progressed, the princess grew up to be a beautiful young woman and able to attract the attentions of any boy in the kingdom. However, the King restricted her movements to the castle and garden, and few ever saw her. But, unintimidated by her father, and with the help of the nurse, she escaped to the local hills and valleys, as her father slept after his lunch. During one of her escape adventures, she heard a song: the music was beautiful and enchanted her to follow it to its origins. Hiding from view, the princess found a young shepard playing a flute, sitting on top of a hill. For weeks she returned, listening to the young shepard, until she was discovered behind some bushes. The shepard boy fell in love with the princess, and they continued to meet afterwards, talking, laughing and enjoying each other's company, until the boy decided to ask the princess in marriage.

Early in the morning, the couple knocked on the door of the Castle, and asked the servants to speak to the King. Very nervous but determined, the shepard asked the King for his daughter in marriage. Reacting angrily, the King refused and expelled him from the Castle, and forbade his daughter from seeing the young boy. Not wishing more ill feelings, she followed the orders of her father, but met secretly with the shepard that afternoon in order to tell him that she would never see him again. Antília and the shepard boy cried all afternoon, embracing, and their tears formed two beautiful lakes, one green, for the Princess's eyes were green, and the other blue, for the shepard's eyes were likewise colored.

Antilia pays homage to the creation of the lagoon at Sete Cidades that can be found on the island of Sao Miguel where the Terra Costa Family has its roots. The smooth Amber Ale is refreshing and well balanced between malty flavors and hoppy characters. The two combine together to form a memorable drinking experience much like the blue and green lagoons at Sete Cidades.


LUPO - Pale Ale

Accolades: 2019 New South Brew Off (TN): Gold

Lupo is a beer we created to honor our grandfather, Sal "Lupo" Lubertazzi. I wanted to create a beer that I knew he would love to drink on a warm afternoon on his boat and to share with all of his friends. The crew at "D" dock have historically sipped on American Macro Lagers all summer....A Pale Ale would have been a good gateway beer to introduce them to the world of craft. I know he would be proud of this one....Cheers to you Pop! Lupo , (our grandfather's nickname, translates to "wolf" in Italian) is a light, crisp, crushable pale ale coming in around 5% ABV and packed with a classic combo of Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops.


Morgan R-Ale - Cream Ale

Accolades: 2019 Dog Dayzz Homebrew Competition (MO): Bronze

This is a summer favorite that brings us back to great memories on our family boat. Our marina was situated in a creek at the mouth of the Raritan Bay. There was a rail bridge crossing the creek that we needed to have opened before reaching the bay. My Grandpa would let me radio into the dispatcher whenever we were going out or coming back in from a day on the water. "Morgan Rail, Morgan Rail, how long before an opening?". Mogan R-Ale is a crushable, crisp, refreshing beer which would pair perfectly with a day out on the water.

Rye of the Whale - Roggenbier /German Rye Beer

Accolades: 2018 NHC Regionals (NY): Bronze Certificate

Rye of the Whale is the result of our experiment with an old German style of beer called Roggenbier. This style disappeared for about 500 years due to a period of bad harvests. After those harvests, it was deemed to be only used for making bread due to the German beer law, the Reinheitsgrebot. This rye beer is common Germany, particularly in Bavaria. The idea for this beer came about while we were looking to dive into growing grain. It’s common to use winter rye as a cover crop for hop fields so this year we planted some to help our hop bed out in regards to erosion from snow and weed growth. Once the spring came, our winter rye began to flourish, climb and began to sprout. In honor of our first attempt at growing grain we decided to brew up a batch of rye beer. 


When we were coming up with names for this brew we embraced our love for puns. Rye rhymes with eye and whales are very symbolic creatures of life on the Azores Islands. Whaling was a huge part of the economy in Azores for many years. Once Azores joined the European union in 1982 they had to give up whaling due to the fact that Europe formally adopted a ban on commercial whaling in 1982. It took a few years to enact this new law and whaling officially ended in 1984. Whales still provide cashflow to residents of the island as whale watching is now a very popular tourist attraction. The spring is prime time to get a close up look at the giant whale species (Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Ballen Whales) which is another reason why Rye of the Whale will become one of our spring staple.


Rye of the Whale has a pronounced spiciness and sour-like rye character with a strong malty back bone and clean hop character. 

Natas Stout

Pasteis De Nata - Pastry Stout

Accolades: 2018 NHC Regionals (NY): Silver Certificate

When we started to craft our original recipes, a Stout was a beer that we knew would be a must have. We also wanted to do something special, something that any individual of Portuguese descent or people with Portuguese friends/extended family members would flock to. Pasteis De Natas are traditional Portuguese custard pastries. Anyone could sit down and eat five at a time, they are really really good - especially warm right out of the oven! Whenever we would head into town while in Azores, the first stop we make is into the tiny cafe to indulge in a few Natas.


The Pasteis De Nata Stout is a milk/cream stout spiced with cinnamon and fermented with a tincture of Portuguese Aquardente, which pulls out the natural flavors of vanilla beans.This recipe is going to take many shapes before we are happy with it. We have partnered with chefs who make these delicious pastries to help perfect it. We strongly advise all of you to give us your honest feedback and help us create a fan favorite. Untappd


Rua Dolce - Peanut Butter Porter

Who doesn't love the combination of Peanut Butter and Chocolate...Rua Dolce (translated to "sweet street" in Portuguese) was born due to a special request on our cousin's wedding day and has turned into a fan favorite. The base style is a smooth, low ABV (4.4%) Porter with hints of roast, chocolate and coffee notes that pairs perfectly with a rich peanut butter flavor. If you close your eyes and take a wiff of this beer you would think that you just unwrapped a delicious candy bar. Rua Dolce is the perfect dessert beverage after a meal with family and friends.

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