The branding and theme behind Terra Costa derives from the culture and vibe of a small quiet town nestled between two mountains on an island off the coast of Portugal. The town is called Faial da Terra, a tiny community on the southeast coast of Sao Miguel Island in the Azores - a set of nine Portuguese islands.

Terra Costa founder, Mark Costa has traveled to Faial da Terra through the years visiting family and taking in the sights and sounds of the land where his father was born. The population consists of roughly 360 individuals who live in a cradled paradise, whom are perfectly content with life's simplest pleasures. "Growing up in the shadows of New York City, life was always so fast paced and it was a constant arms race for the for life's hottest commodities. Not in, it's about friends, family and good times.", Costa said. "After we finish dinner with our families, the entire town meets each other at the cafe in the center of town. We all sit on the decks of the cafe with an espresso and sip on Portuguese Lagers until we can't keep our eyes open anymore." 

Terra Costa was created to take the vibe, stories and good times that were shared both in Faial Da Terra as well as experiences relative to our lives Stateside and bottle them up into tasty homebrew. Sitting in bars and small pubs on the island, one isn't privileged with an assortment of craft beer choices like we are here in the States. There are two, maybe three beer choices if you are lucky. Just simple Lagers too, nothing out of the ordinary or interesting.  "As I would share a drink with my cousins and friends I would tell them stories of the flavors and style twists brewers in America were producing in their beers. They would look at me as if I had five heads and that I was crazy. I would see their reactions and think to myself, if I could only show them how awesome the beer movement is right now..." explained Costa. 

The beer that is created in our home are for our friends and family to enjoy. It's meant to be a conversation piece that teleports you to a different time and place. A place much like Faial Da Terra where the weather is perfect, the views are serene and the people are full of life.

Barley, Hops, Yeast, Water, Family, Tradition.

This is Terra Costa.


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