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Once we got back from our trip to Portugal the name was pretty much settled on in my mind. It was now time to give a face to the name. I consulted with a long time friend, Sal Latrenta of Latrenta

Creations to do the job. Sal and I have been through a lot together over the past ten years. We are bandmates in our band, ENDER and toured the country together. He has been like a brother to me so he and I see the true meaning of tradition through the same eyes.It was only fitting then he and I work together on the branding.

Mark posing at Port Nove, the main whaling boat launch in Faial Da Terra, Portugal

I told Sal that the inspiration behind the name came from the town in Azores where my family was from, Faial Da Terra. Azores was a huge hub for whaling and fishing, the ocean obviously playing a huge part in their culture. Nautical themes always were apparent in my life especially surrounding the cherished time I spent with my grandfather on the water with his boat. The main logo is a large ship steering wheel centered with rope inlay surrounding the bold initials TC (Terra Costa) floating within waves representing the ocean views in Azores that seem to stretch on for miles and miles.

The other aesthetic that I wanted to incorporate were the beautiful tile decor called Aulejo, apparent in Portuguese architecture. The houses and landscapes are decorated with these floral tiles in a rich hue of blue that can be recognized anywhere. The backdrop of what will eventually become our labels for our bottles encompass the floral inlays found on these tiles.

Sal absolutely crushed it with such clean bold design work capturing the true essence of what Terra Costa represents.

Future Terra Costa bottle caps

Close up of main Terra Costa Logo

Potential bottle label layout

Potential 6 pack case

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